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Green brands tap “invisible network” to compete

Internet, social media a clean, cost-effective channel
Thought leaders to share strategies at Good And Green BtoB conference

Chicago, IL – November 3, 2009 – From viral videos and social media to “old-fashioned” radio frequency identification, brand marketers are tapping into an invisible network of green media to reach their customers. Experts say these eco-friendly tactics are not only cost-effective – they’re also remarkably effective in communicating a brand’s sustainability.

Some of the nation’s top marketers and brand leaders will describe how they turned new (and old) technology into green marketing success here at the third annual Good And Green®... The Green Marketing Conference, November 17-18, 2009 at the Chicago Cultural Center.

“I believe sustainability has as much to do with communication as it has to do with ‘being green’ and measuring carbon footprints,” said conference speaker John Marshall Roberts, CEO, Conceptual Age Media and author of Igniting Inspiration. “The new social media tools have created an immense new global brain that thinks quite differently than the top-down media markets of the past.”

Roberts, who will deliver the conference’s closing keynote address, “The Secret Psychology Behind Social Media Success Stories,” stated, “Marketers from any industry who don't understand this new way of thinking – which is almost all of them – are missing a huge opportunity to grow their brands and open up new markets.”

Richard Seireeni, President, Brand Architect Group, a speaker at the conference and author of The Gort Cloud, said transparency is also an important factor when connecting with the green consumer.

“A lot of people are plugged into green brands,” he added. “But there have been some companies that are trying to ‘greenwash’ the story – to manipulate the facts to cover up for the fact that their products are not as green as they let on. No product is 100% green. Everything we do makes an impact. So what we’re really talking about is making intelligent choices.”

In addition to being eco-friendly, Seireeni said the invisible marketing network can impact the bottom line — and help smaller brands compete with the household names.

“In modern, mass-consumer America, it’s very difficult to get shelf space,” he said. “The huge, established companies are churning out products, advertising and wedging themselves into pharmacies, supermarkets and megastores. By using the green network to get the word out to suppliers, distributors and individual consumers, you can get your product out in front of suppliers and distributors. You can sell direct to customers or specialized retailers. And, you’re not wasting money on eyeballs that are not interested in your product.”

This year’s Good And Green®…The Green Marketing Conference features some of the nation’s top green marketing thought leaders sharing their new research, case studies and success stories during two days of solution-based workshops, drill-down discussion groups and networking opportunities.

In addition, one attendee at Good And Green® will have an opportunity to win a copy of the new Green Gauge® Report, plus 21 complimentary consulting hours from GfK Roper Consulting, worth approximately $20,000.

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