Conference Leadership Committee
The Good And Green® Conference Leadership Committee offers years of successful green marketing experience on a wide variety of brands and is the guiding light for the conference's content and development. Check back weekly for updates.


Miriam Arond
Good Housekeeping Research Institute



Angela Aiello

Project Manager, Good And Green®
PME Enterprises, LLC

Nan McCann


Good And Green®

PME Enterprises, LLC

Mark Crumpacker
Chief Marketing Officer
Chipotle Mexican Grill

Eileen McComb
Director, Corporate Communications
Benjamin Moore & Co.
Holly Heline Jarrell
Group Managing Director
GfK Research North America
John Rooks
The SOAP Group

Mike Kapalko
Sustainability Marketing Manager
SCA Tissue North America

Dan Shapley
Senior Editor
The Daily
Diane MacEachern
Founder & CEO
Big Green Purse

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